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Friday – 7/31/15

We’re sorry to say that this Sunday we’re going to be canceling the 11:00 Open Gym. The regular 10:00 class is still on as well as the Saturday Class and Swim WOD.

Weekend Schedule

  • Saturday Swim WOD – 8:00 at Edgewood
  • Sunday Open Gym is Cancelled 

Workout of the Day

  • Hang Squat Clean
    • 2-2-2-2-2
  • Every Minute on the Minute – 8 Minutes
    • 3 Hang Squat Cleans
    • Max Burpees in Remaining Time
      • Rx1 = 115/75 lbs
      • Rx2 = 135/95 lbs
      • Rx3 = 155/105 lbs


Strongtown 9:30

Missy and the 9:30 class working through their 6 minutes.


Welcome back Mickey!


It’s good to see Chance again while he’s visiting home!


Recently cleared to workout again – welcome back Renee



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Thursday – 7/30/15

Workout of the Day

  • Back Squat
    • 10-8-6-4-2 (increase weight between each set)
    • 6 Minute AMRAP
      • 40 Double Unders
      • 20 Air Squats
Big Mike

Big Mike looking strong on his kip!

Bernie & GereLu

GereLu is obviously impressed by Bernie’s bench press.

Strongtown 6pm

The 6pm class working through their 5 rounds.

Yoga with Tony

The 1st ‘Yoga with Tony’ class.


Olivia getting her yoga on in the parking lot.



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Wednesday – 7/29/15

With the weather approaching sauna status please make sure you’re hydrating throughout the day. I know it should be common sense but making sure we get enough water in our systems goes a long way in the recovery game. Also, tonight (Wednesday) is our first ‘Yoga with Tony’ class! This class is open to all our members and will start at 7:15 and run for an hour until 8:15.

Workout of the Day

  • Lynne – 5 Rounds (Compare to 12/17/12)
    • Max Rep Bodyweight Benchpress
    • Max Rep Pull-ups
    • For Max Reps – Not for Time, rest as needed between movements / sets
Strongtown 6am

Colleen and the 6am class during sumo deadlift high-pulls.


Q rocking some custom 4.0’s!

Paul & Paul

Paul & Paul making easy work of their box jumps.

Strongtown 9:30

The 9:30 class during their minute of wall-ball.


Welcome Clay to Strongtown!



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Tuesday – 7/28/15

Workout of the Day

  • Fight Gone Bad (Compare to 5/20/14)
    • Wall Ball (20/14 lbs)
    • Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75/55 lbs)
    • Box Jumps (24/20″)
    • Push Press (75/55 lbs)
    • Row (Calories)
    • Rest
      • 3 Round for Max Reps at Each Station in 1 Minute
      • Score = Total Reps

Welcome back Janine for her annual visit!


Pat looking strong, and strict, on his handstand push-ups.


Rachie preparing for her next rep.


CF 203’s Coach Rich stopping in for some deadlifts!


Justina keeping great posture through reps!



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Monday – 7/27/15

Workout of the Day

  • Deadlift
    • 3-3-3-3-3
  • LuRong Performance WOD #3 – 7 Minute Ladder (Compare to 10/17/12)
    • 1 Deadlift / 1 Handstand Push-up
    • 2 Deadlifts / 2 Handstand Push-ups
    • 3 Deadlifts / 3 Handstand Push-ups,
    • 4/4, 5/5, 6/6, Etc…
    • As Many Reps as Possible
      • Rx = 225/155 lbs
      • Scaled = 155/105 lbs & Hand Release Push-ups
Strongtown 9:30

Friday’s 9:30 class starting their Snatching Chief.


Liam looking strong on his snatch!

Saturday 9am

Saturday’s 9am class starting their chipper.


Eddie showing a solid lockout on his thrusters.

Jordan & JBabes

Jordan & JBabes working through their 400m runs.


Holly at the top of her thruster.

Colin & Tots

Colin & Tots making easy work of their double unders.







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Friday – 7/24/15


In addition to this weekend being the 2015 CrossFit Games, this Saturday is also the 2015 Connecticut K9 Olympics at the UConn (Storrs) Campus. We wanted to wish our favorite team – Ink & Vane, the best of luck as they represent the Naugatuck Police Department for their 4th (?) year. They’ll be competing in various contests throughout the day and the event is free to watch. I believe they’re starting around 8:00am and should be done between 2:00-4:00.

Also, I’m very happy to finally announce that next Wednesday night from 7:15-8:15 we will holding a 1 hour yoga class! The class will be open to anyone who wants to attend and run by Tony who recently completed his certification. We’re hoping to start running these classes on a regular basis…we could all use a little more stretching.

Weekend Reminders

  • Saturday Swim WOD is on – 8:00am at Edgewood

Workout of the Day

  • Power Snatch
    • 3-3-3
  • Snatching Chief
    • 5 Rounds of 3 Minutes, 1 Minute Rest Between Rounds
      • 3 Power Snatch (115/75 lbs)
      • 6 Push-ups
      • 9 Air Squats
        • Rx1 = 95 / 65 lbs
        • Rx3 = 135 / 95 lbs
        • Each Round Scored Individually
Strongtown 6am

The 6am class heading out for their mile buy-in.


Jay looking strong through his step-overs.

Strongtown 9:30

The 9:30 class working through their 20 minutes.


Dumbbells – check, Box – check, Whiteboard – check, Iced Coffee – check.

Strongtown 5pm

Tony leading the 5pm for their mile buy-in.



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Thursday – 7/23/15

Workout of the Day

  • 20 Minute AMRAP
    • 1 Mile Run (Buy-in)
      • 10 Burpees
      • 10 Sit-ups
      • 10 Weighted Box Step-Overs (20/16″ Box) (No Rx Weight – 30/20 lbs suggested)
    • Weighted Box Step-Overs are ‘suit-case’ style – dumbbells held at sides like a farmer’s carry

Gail looking strong on her kettlebell swings.


Courtney and the 4pm class starting their rowing trials.


Welcome back John from Hawaii!


Mikey showing a solid finish at the top of his swings.


Rachel pulling through her 500m row.



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