That apparel doe

Even though Summer is the official shirts-optional season for most CrossFit affiliates around the globe we still want you guys to look good when you have to have a shirt on. We’re trying to get a handle on apparel for the summer and Ladies I promise that female shorts are at the top of my list. I know it got put on the back burner during the fall / winter and with the warmer weather it’s something we definitely want to take care of. There have actually been a couple requests for ‘bro-tanks’ – which we obviously think is a great idea and I’m not sure if we would have come up with ourselves. We’re always open to ideas and if you have a suggestion just let us know, please don’t assume it’s something we’ve thought of and dismissed.

Workout of the Day

  • Fight Gone Bad Style – 3 Rounds for Max Reps at Each Station in 1 Minute
    • Ring Push-ups
    • Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)
    • Kettlebell Lunges (24/16 kg)
    • GrassHoppers
    • Row (Calories)
    • Rest
      • Score is total reps

Kristin keeping great form throughout her squats.


Jordan standing tall before starting her set.




Welcome Cody to Strongtown

Strongtown 4pm

The 4pm class working through their wall-ball shots.


Tim-o-Tree warming up his squat.


Bonnie looking strong going into her set.



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Going Online

Now that we’ve been in business for almost 3 years it’s finally time for us to join the 21st century and start accepting online payments. This is kind of a big move for us and I’m hesitant to try and do to much to quick. To help myself better understand the whole system and hopefully workout any initial kinks I would like to get a small group of 10-20 members setup as a trial team. Based on the initial group’s impressions we can either open it up to the rest of the gym or go back to the way things were. This is strictly on a volunteer basis so if your interested in trying it out and letting us know your feedback please email and I’ll help get you through the sign-up process.

Workout of the Day

  • Back Squat: 5×3 
    • 5 Sets of 3 reps, all at the same weight
    • Should be heavier then your 5×5, approximately 85-90% of your 1 rep max
  • 21-15-9
    • 200m Run
    • Wall Ball (20/14 lbs)
    • Box Jumps (24/20″)

Corey making a 165# power snatch look light.


Tots working through her double-unders.


INK standing tall to finish his rep.


Nico and the 10:00 class rounding the 200m cone during ‘Run Angie Run’.


Thank you Heidi (and James) for visiting!


Missy showing a great plank position at the top of her push-ups.





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Holiday Weekend Reminder

With the Holiday weekend ahead of us please don’t forget that we are closed this Sunday. Sleep in, rest-up and enjoy your day. Or if you need a workout I’ve heard about this new fad called yogging or jogging – it might be a soft j. I’m not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. It’s supposed to be wild. Saturday is supposed to be gorgeous so we’ll be hanging around after the morning classes for a bit of Open gym time for anyone that wants to join us.

Also, last night CrossFit released the next stage of the Opens for the Masters athletes who qualified. The workouts can be seen here: 2014 Masters Qualifier Events - and they are spicy to say the least.

Workout of the Day

  • Snatch Complex: 
    • Snatch Pull
    • Hang Squat Snatch
    • Full Squat Snatch
  • 7 Rounds – For Time & Total weight Snatched
    • 35 Double Unders
    • 1 Snatch (attempt)
      • No Rx weight
6AM 800

The 6am class buying in with an 800m run.


Kristin going goblet style for her step-ups.

Kevan 200

Kevan going Michael Jordan style on his 200m repeats.


Tony and his shadow working on their kip.


Matt & Moira head off for their 200m run.



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6am Oops

Apparently, depending on what time you went to class on Tuesday you may have had a wildcard thrown at you and done a different Rx weight then the other classes for your DB snatch. By ‘you’ I really only mean the ladies from the 6am class – who we owe a small apology to. The 6am group is the only class of the day that has the advantage or handicap (it’s all perspective) of showing up and genuinely not knowing what workout they’ll be doing. On top of that it’s just really…really…really early, and also dark. This means that there are sometimes when us Coaches (mostly just me) have moments where transcribing the workout onto the big whiteboard doesn’t work so well. Weights get changed and sometimes I’ll even get creative and make up heights of boxes that we don’t actually have (sorry guys). We like to think it makes the whole 6am experience that much more exciting.

Workout of the Day

  • 4 x 200m Run
    • Start out front, walk through the gym for your rest, start the next run when you get back to the front door. 
  • 18 Minute AMRAP
    • Buy-in: 800m Run
      • 10 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)
      • 10 Kettlebell Weighted Step-ups (20/16″ box – Use same KB from swings)
      • 5 Handstand Push-ups

Matt and a very small 6am class working through yesterday’s 5 rounds.

The noon class rowing through their 800m buy-in.

Jordan showing great elbows at the top of her hang cleans.

Lou on his way out of the burpee and onto the box.

MaryBeth was a very legit L-Sit!


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Easter / Passover Weekend

Hopefully I’m the only one who didn’t realise that Easter & Passover are actually this Sunday…sneaky Holiday, go figure. Due to the Holiday(s) we will be closed for the day which sadly means there will be no classes or Open gym. We will be there Saturday and to make up for closing down Sunday we’ll be adding an hour of Open gym time (11:00-12:00) after our regular Saturday’s classes. We’ll pick up our normal class schedule bright and early Monday mooring starting at 6:00am.

Workout of the Day

  • 2 Minute L-Sit:
    • Accumulate 2 Minutes in a L-Sit
    • Score is total time, 8:00 Cap
  • 5 Rounds: (18:00 Cap)
    • Buy-In: 800m Row
      • 10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20″)
      • 5 Hang Power Cleans (135/95 lbs)
      • 5 Front Squats (135/95 lbs)

Pat with a strong lock-out on his push-presses.

Marcy showing great form with the weight overhead.

The noon class working through their wall-ball shots.

Barry making easy work of his dumbbell snatches.

Renee keeping an eye on Rachel through her set.


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Iced Coffee

Attention all of our coffee enthusiasts – I have recently received confirmation from a very reliable source that Patty’s Pantry, aka the place at the bottom of the hill, is back in the Iced Coffee game. Apparently not everyone wants to drink ice cold coffee all winter (not sure why) so it goes on bit of a hiatus for the colder seasons. It’s recently been brought back and they asked that I share the info with people since they know how seriously we take our coffee consumption.

Workout of the Day

  • Push Press: 5-5-5-5-5
  • 10 Minute AMRAP:
    • 5 Toes to Bar
    • 10 Alternating DB Snatch (45/30 lbs)
    • 15 Wall Ball (20/14 lbs)

Keri and the 9:30 class working through their sdhp & sit-up couplet.

Stowe gets set for his final squat.

Stephen getting nice high elbows at the top of his high pull.

Paula getting ready for her set.

Jenelle keeping great posture in her back throughout her squat.


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Corner #2


Fair warning that anyone who misplaces a dumbbell this week will have to answer to Paul. He spent a good portion of Sunday curling reorganizing the corner and we definitely owe him a thanks! Since he put in the work it’s only fair that we leave the penalty for not playing the put it back where you found it game up to him. I’m shooting from the hip on this one but would say a push-up per pound misplaced is fair game.

Workout of the Day

  • Back Squat: 1-1-1-1-1
  • 3-6-9-12-15-18
    • KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull (32/24 kg)
    • Sit-ups

Ian & Ian finishing up their 200m run.

Carl with a strong pull on his power clean.

Tots and Jordan loving the 800m partner barbell run.

Sharon finishing up her final burpees.




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