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The internet is a plethora of information and normally my daily social media feed gets filled with a slew of articles, mostly about CrossFit. Everything from CrossFit saving villages is Africa to CrossFit being the handy work of Keyser Söze. It’s basically a continual cycle of repeating arguments that no one ever wins. Every now and then some non-CrossFit article that I feel is actually very CrossFit related manages to survive the filters. Today I’m sharing one of those articles: Why Some Kids Try Harder and Some Kids Give Up.

The article is a fairly short read for anyone who’s interested, the cliff notes are that it looks at early childhood development and the idea of a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset. For all intents and purposes the article associates a fixed mindset with the ‘if you have to work hard, you don’t have the ability’ mentality. It associates a growth mindset with the ‘the more you challenge yourself, the smarter you become’ statement. While the focus of the article is children it does go on to say that these concepts are not unique to a particular age group – it applies to all of us.

CrossFit is no different and for 99.999% of the population it’s learning a new skill set. Anytime we try to learn something new there’s going to be bumps in the road and there are going to be people who learn things quicker, and who have different strengths and weaknesses. What’s important is accepting that learning is a process and getting better at anything involves hard work with a lot of failures along the way.

the brain grows most by getting questions wrong, not right.

Workout of the Day

  • Turkish Get-ups: 1-1-1-1-1
  • 5 Rounds:
    • 10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20″)
    • 20 Russian KB Swings
    • Rest 1 Minute
      • Rx1 = 16/12 kg
      • Rx2 = 24/16kg
      • Rx3 = 32/24 kg
Rob & Toby

Rob & Toby bro’ing out during Tuesday night’s barbell club.


Kristin looking amazing in her Battle for the Bell 3 limited edition Judges shirt.


Dani looking strong in her press, also wearing a very cool shirt.


Joe keeping a tight midline through his lift.


Adam going for the fat bar yoke pull-up option.



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Holiday Events & Comps

Ok Strongtown now that our Battle for the Bell is behind us there are a bunch of other comps and events I wanted to put out there & share incase anyone is interested. There is a lot to cover so to help keep things organized they’re arranged by chronologically by bullet point.

  • 10/31/14 – Amazing Grace at CrossFit Strongtown
    • This Friday all of our classes will be completing Amazing Grace – also known as 30 Clean & Jerks for time. Typically we’ve always done this as a weekend event and as a gym we try to fundraise for Barbells For Boobs / Mammograms in Action. With Battle for the Bell and everything else going on we just got a late start this year. We want to have as many people as possible be part of this workout so regardless of whether you’ve donated anything or signed up to fundraise you’re more welcome. If anyone is willing to donate it is always appreciated and if your unable or unwilling to do so I promise we’ll still be friends.
  • 11/1/14 – 4th Annual Mama Said Knock You Out Competition at CrossFit Legitimus
    • Saturday our friends up in Canton are hosting their 4th annual Moms only CrossFit Competition! We have a lot of Strong Mamas here and I’m happy to say we have a small group headed up to represent Strongtown this weekend. The workouts have been announced and there are a still a few spots left if anyone else is interested. For the record the top 3 spots walk away with some serious bragging rights as well as $500/ $200/ and $100 respectively.
    • That’s right – it’s happening again, it’s where all the cool kids are going this Saturday night. Dress in costume and bring a dish if you’re feeling generous.  The doors will open sometime around 7:30 and as always anyone is welcome. Sunday schedule to be announced.
  • 11/8/14 – Holiday Throwdown at CrossFit RedZone
    • This is a same-sex partner competition with Rx & Scaled divisions. It’s literally about 12 minutes from us and I would love to have a couple teams representing Strongtown! The workouts are gradually being released but so far they are:
      • WOD #1: 8 Minutes to Establish a Max C&J / 1:30 Transition / 3:00 Max Reps at 135/95 Rx, 95/65 Scaled
      • WOD #2: 12 Minute AMRAP: 400m Buy-in / 250m Row, 15 KB Swings,  10 Burpees over ERG – 32/24 kg Rx, 24/16 kg Scaled…run is done together, relay style alternating rounds after the run
      • The 3rd and Final workout is to be released – anyone looking to do Rx should have C2B Pull-ups, T2B & Double Unders
  • 11/15/14 & 11/16/17 – WODS UP at CrossFit Branford
    • This a teams of 3 (same-sex) competition that has Rx, Scaled, Masters & Masters Scaled divisions. All the workouts have been released on their site and the first day of competition is all the Rx & Scaled teams with the 2nd day being the Masters & Masters Scaled divisions.
  • 11/15/14 – Fall Brawl at CrossFit Far Beyond Drive
    • This one is in Hamden and it is an individual competition with Rx, Scaled & Masters divisions. The workouts have been released on their Facebook page and so far they are:
      • WOD #1: 12 Minutes to set a max complex – Hang Squat Clean, Full Clean (Squat), Front Squat, Shoulder to Overhead
      • WOD #2: 30 Burpees / 100m Run / 50 Wall Ball / 100m Run / 30 KB Swings (12 Minute Cap)
      • Final WOD#3: Fra-Manda   21-15-9 Pull-ups, 9-7-3 Snatches (there will be a cut for the final WOD).
  • 12/6/14 – Misfit Toys for Tots Throwdown at CrossFit Revelation
    • This is a 2 person, same-sex, team competition. All athletes are required to bring a new unwrapped toy to the competition to be donated and a portion of each registration fees will be donated to the Lieutenant Walsh-Firefighter Memorial Kennedy Memorial Fund. I’m pretty sure this event sells out every year so if anyone is interested they should try to sign-up soon. The workouts haven’t been released yet but they’ve stated Rx should be proficient at barbells lifts with 95/65lbs, have pull-ups & double-unders

Sorry about the long post…if anyone has any questions please just let me know.

Workout of the Day

  • 5 Rounds – Not for time
    • 1 Press
    • 1 Pull-up
    • 1 Press
    • 3 Pull-ups
    • 1 Press
    • 5 Pull-ups
      • Press = Approx. 90% of 1RM
      • Pull-ups = Strict / Weighted

Karen looking strong during her deadlifts.

Strongtown 9:30

The 9:30 ladies working through their wall ball.


Welcome Heidi to Strongtown!


Chance showing a nice setup for his deadlift.


Brian standing tall at the end of his deadlift.



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You Can Ring My Bell

As a follow up to yesterday’s recap we have one more blog post from our guest author Joe.

Even though I’ve been at Strongtown since Dan and Mikey were bolting the rig to the wall, this was my first Battle for the Bell. Seeing as I was a first-timer for this event, I tried to imagine myself as a person who had never seen or done CrossFit. If I was completely new to the sport, what would I see, and what would I think? Here’s what I saw.

I saw a rainbow riot of colorful clothing including board shorts, short shorts, tank tops and a disproportionate amount of knee socks. What is it about CrossFit and knee socks?

I saw t-shirts with all sorts of clever double entendres. I saw countless references to snatching. If the word “snatch” were an athlete it would be endlessly versatile and never get tired. What is it about CrossFit and snatches?

I saw a lot of people with Froning-esque headbands. (I guess if I was new to the sport I wouldn’t know who Rich Froning is, but whatever.) What is it about CrossFit and headbands?

I saw tons of tattoos. Some of them were pretty cool, but there were more than a few that made me go “huh?” What is it about CrossFit and tattoos?

However, I am not new to Crossfit, so I kind of knew what to expect. Here’s what I saw once I got past the superficial level and clichés about CrossFit.

I saw a ton of enthusiastic spectators, many of them knowledgeable CrossFitters. But I also so a lot of people who had never seen or were new to the sport and in them I saw awe and maybe a bit of bewilderment too.

I saw some terrific athletes who displayed amazing strength, speed, and efficiency. But I also saw a lot of “mere mortals” (like myself) who made their way through the workouts based on grit, willpower, and game day adrenaline.

I saw people willing to give 100% of themselves and then some, really emptying the tank, and exemplifying the idea that every rep counts. I saw high fives and fist bumps, cheering and hugs, and lots of encouragement and coaching from within the teams and on the sidelines.

I saw an unbelievable corps of volunteers and judges who were on ALL DAY LONG. As athletes we got to rest between heats, but the judges didn’t get any breaks. And I saw that our judges spent as much time encouraging the athletes as they did “judging.”

So, as it is with all things CrossFit, there’s what you see at first, then there’s what you get when you dig a little deeper and actually experience it. Everybody is invited, but not everybody shows up. 3, 2, 1, go……

Workout of the Day

  • Deadlift: 3-3-3-3-3
  • LuRong Triplet Tester: 11 Minute Ascending Ladder of 3’s (compare to 9/17/14)
    • 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, Etc…
      • Wall Ball (20/14 lbs)
      • Box Jumps / Step-ups (24/20″)
      • Deadlifts (115/75 lbs)
        • Lvl 3 = Above
        • Lvl 2 = 14/10 lb WB, 20/16″ Box, 105/65 lb Deadlifts
        • Lvl 1 = 14/10 lb Med Ball Cleans, 16/12″ Box, 95/55 lb Deadlifts

Raff looking solid on his back squats.


Madden getting deep into his ring dip.


Welcome KD to Strongtown!


Someone is excited about Halloween!

Bonnie, Rachel & Paula

They drew straws for the small chair – Bonnie won.



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For Whom the Bell Tolls

Battle for the Bell #3

Thank you everyone for this past weekend! As I try to recover I’ll be handing the blog reigns over to our Iron Man – Joe C.

Saturday was the Third Annual “Battle for the Bell” at Crossfit Strongtown. At the end of a long and challenging day the “Nickel Slots” from Crossfit 203 took home the bell in the Big Bell Division while “Big Guns & Tight Bus” from Crossfit Halo prevailed in the Little Bell division.

Team Strongtown rounded out the podium in 3rd place in the Big Bell division, which saw 13 teams competing. Crossfit Strongtown was well represented with six teams in that division. The Little Bell division had 17 teams competing with three representing Strongtown.

Special mention must be made of the blazing performance by Team Strongtown and Swolesaurus Flex (also from Strongtown) in Two Minutes to Midnight, the final event of the day. They finished a team time trial of double-unders and overhead squats in a blazing 4:24 and 5:23 respectively. The next closest team was at 6:01!

You can check out all the event details for both divisions here.

Special thanks to all the people who helped make our event a great success. We won’t call out anybody by name, but need to give a special shout out to:

  • The registration team who helped get everybody checked in and welcomed
  • Our technical and logistics crew for helping with set up, transition and take-down of each event
  • The amazing judges who counted each and every rep all day long
  • The scorekeepers who tallied all the results in real time
  • Donnie and DJ Matty Fresh for providing emcee and DJ services that kept us dancing whenever we weren’t actually working out

It was great to host our friends from other boxes and see the camaraderie between our communities. Until next time….

LuRong Challenge: We are now in the final stages of the challenge and over the next 2 weeks we’ll be repeating the original 3 benchmark workouts. This week’s workout will be on Tuesday and will be the Triplet Tester of Wall Ball, Box Jumps / Step-ups, and light Deadlifts.

Workout of the Day

  • Back Squat: 5-5-5-5-5
  • 10 Minute AMRAP:
    • 5 Ring Dips
    • 10 OH Walking Lunges (45/25 lbs)
    • 15 Sit-ups
Red, Wod & Blue

Beth & Moira representing team Red, Wod and Blue


Jordan with a rock solid #133 hang snatch!

Flight of Icarus

Wod #2 workout review.


Patty making easy work of his box jump overs.

Weight Train

Thank you to Wolf, Joe and the rest of our volunteers – the day wouldn’t have been what it was without all your help!

Swolesarus Flex

Barry and Team Swolesarus Flex with a very strong performance in the final workout!

Big Balls, Little Bell

Renee who had never overhead squatted 65# before – did it for 8.

Little Bell

Congratulations to Big Guns & Tight Buns from CrossFit Halo

Big Bell

Congratulations to CrossFit 203 – Nickel Slots, on taking home the Big Bell this year!.

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Battle for the Bell 3 Itinerary

And the big weekend is finally here! We are now officially less then 24 hours away from this Saturday’s Battle for the Bell 3. The itinerary for the day is below – please do not forget that there are no regular classes this Saturday or Sunday. We will be open on Sunday but it will just be an extended Open Gym session that starts at 10:00 instead of 11:00.

Parking Reminder – it’s going to be a zoo…we’ve spoken to our neighbors to let them know we’re hosting a whole lotta people this weekend. Most of the other tenants in the building aren’t here on weekends and they’ve said we can use their spaces in the front of the building. We’ve only been asked to not block the rear garage doors for the Oil Company if they need access to their trucks.

I hope everyone rests up today and we’ll see you all tomorrow!

Saturday Battle for the Bell 3 Schedule:

  • 8:00 Doors Open / Athlete Registration
  • 8:30 Judges Meeting
  • 8:50 Athlete Review: Workout #1
  • 9:00 – 10:20: Workout #1 – The Trooper
  • 10:35 Athlete Review: Workout #2
  • 10:40-11:40: Workout #2 – Flight of Icarus
  • Break for Lunge & Judges Meeting
  • 12:20 Athlete Review: Workout #3
  • 12:30-1:50: Workout #3 – Powerslave
  • 2:20 Final Cut & Athlete Review: Workout #4
  • 2:30 Workout #4 -Two Minutes to Midnight

Note: One person from each team is responsible for signing in and receiving the event shirts & scorecard packet for their team. 

Workout of the Day

  • Strict / Weighted Pull-ups
    • 5 x 3
  • FGB Style’ish – 3 Rounds of :90 work at each station for max reps
    • Row (Calories)
    • Rest 30 Seconds
    • Box Jumps (24/20″)
    • Rest 30 Seconds
    • Toes to Bar
    • Rest 30 Seconds
Strongtown 9:30

The 9:30 class working through their couplet.


BVN moving weight and doing a nice job of keeping the bar on his shoulders.


Renee showing a very nice setup for her front squat.


Justina getting deep into the bottom.



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Last Call for Judges & Volunteers

Judgement Meme

There are now only 2 days left until our 3rd Annual Battle for the Bell! If anyone is available and willing to help out we could still use a couple more Judges & Volunteers throughout the day. Fortunately it looks like we’re getting incredibly lucky with the weather and Saturday is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous. We’ll be getting the gym as ready as we can tomorrow night (Friday) and if anyone wants to lend a hand getting setup it would be greatly appreciated. Fair warning to the Friday Beer WOD…there is a high chance of wildcard gym chores that you may, or may not get volunteered for. Call it a hunch. In order to help put Humpty Dumpty back together again after the competition there will be no regular WOD on Sunday – instead we’ll be doing an extended Open Gym session starting at 10:00.

Workout of the Day

  • Front Squat: 3-3-3-3-3
  • Beefy Tabata: 8 Rounds
    • 45 Seconds Work / 30 Seconds Rest
      • Lunges
      • Sit-ups

Kim showing a solid lockout on her press.


Natalie keeping great midline stability through her lift.

Strongtown 4pm

Handstand pictures are always entertaining.


Dylan showing good form on her kettlebell swings.



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Battle for the Bell 3 – Heat Assignments

After a bit of delay all Teams and Registered Judges should have received an email late last night with general event info, itinerary for the day, as well as heat assignments. Please look things over to make sure we have the right team name and that your team is placed in the right division. Since last night it has already been brought to my attention that I had one team placed in the wrong division. The heats may change slightly over the next day or two depending on how much I messed up. There has been one switch since the email went out – Team Jimmy & 3 Short People is now known as Boobies and Snatches and they have switched places with Team Guns & Buns. You can see the updated list below:

Saturday Battle for the Bell Heats: BB = Big Bell, LB = Little Bell

  • Heat 1
    • The 4 Horsemen (BB)
    • Strongtown Injured Reserve (BB)
    • Swoleasarus Flex (BB)
    • Nat Miller (BB)
    • You Cook We’ll Clean (LB)
    • High Class Hook’ers (LB)
    • Hakuna MaSQUATA…it means big booty (LB)
    • The FourFits
  • Heat 2
    • Burpee Babes and Two Jerks (BB)
    • Red, Wod, and Blue (BB)
    • Old Guys & Thunder Thighs (BB)
    • 203 Bell Masters (LB)
    • Hook’d on Snatches (LB)
    • Halo 1 (LB)
    • Hellz Bellz (LB)
  • Heat 3
    • The 2nd Amendments (BB)
    • Nickel Slots (BB)
    • Strongtown (BB)
    • In 203 We Thrust (BB)
    • Guns & Buns (LB)
    • Snatch & Sniff (LB)
    • Matzo Balls & Meatballs (LB)
    • Baby Got Back Squat (LB)
  • Heat 4
    • Squats in the Curl Rack (BB)
    • 203 Power Rangers (BB)
    • Darkhorse (BB)
    • Boobies and Snatches (BB)
    • Booties and the Beastmode (LB)
    • Honey Badger don’t Care (LB)
    • Big Balls, Little Bell (LB)

Workout of the Day

  • Push Press: 1-1-1-1-1
  • LuRong Challenge WOD: 7 Minute AMRAP
    • 6 Handstand Push-ups (Lvl 3) / Hand Release Push-ups (Lvl 2) / H.R. Push-ups from knees (Lvl 1)
    • 8 American KB Swings (Lvl 3 & Lvl 2) / Russian KB Swings (Lvl 1)
    • 12 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (Lvl 3 & Lvl 2) / KB Sumo Deadlifts (Lvl 1)
      • Lvl 3 = 32/24 kg
      • Lvl 2 = 24/16 kg
      • Lvl 1 = 16/12 kg

Sanchez showing a very solid lockout / catch in the bottom.


Missy working through her double unders.


Happy birthday Rob!


Brad showing a strong finish on his pull.

Strongtown 6pm

The 6pm class starting their 3 rounds.



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