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There are a lot of things they cover in the Level 1 Coaching Courses…there are even speciality courses and certifications to help with some of the more technical subject matter. With everything that CrossFit takes in it makes perfect sense and I’m glad they do it. Now while they cover a tremendous breadth of material one of the things they do not cover is music selection and or mind reading. They left these what would seem like critical pieces out for a couple of reasons. First off…and most important being that it is not possible to read people’s minds. This is really the key piece of information that I hope everyone takes away from today’s blog. It’s actually really important to remember because believe it or not we all like working out to different types of music…and there are a lot of us. As Coaches we try to find a happy neutral ground but depending on how the cards fall there may be a situation where a song or pandora station gets played that you just do not like. It sucks, it’s distracting and unfortunately that’s part of life…and this goes back to that mind reading thing, someone else in the class may actually be enjoying it.

Workout of the Day

  • Press: 2-2-2-2-2
  • Mainsite – 12 Minute AMRAP (Compare to 7/29/13)
    • 10 Burpees
    • 25 Double Unders

Welcome back Michelle’s Sister – Patty, who’s visiting for the Holidays.


Wolf trying to work around some shoulder issues during his front squats.


Stacey is all smiles during front squats.


Kevan getting deep with for a triple.

Strongtown 5pm

The 5pm class winning artsy photo of the day.



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Turkey Week 2014

With the Thanksgiving Holiday and some work being done at the gym this week we will be running a bit of a modified schedule. I’ve tried to update our Schedule page to reflect all the changes / classes, it appears to be working for now but recently it’s developed a mind of its own so I don’t fully trust it. Basically the changes are as follows – this Wednesday the 9:30 class will be cancelled and all other classes for the day will be on. Thursday, also known as Turkey Day 2014, we will be running 2 classes in the morning at 9:30 and 10:30 before we head out to see how many carbs can be consumed in a single day. Friday we’ll be moving a bit slow in the morning (food coma) and we promise to have the gym open by 11:00 for Open Gym hours until 2:00. The rest of the weekend will be on it’s usual schedule.

Thanksgiving Week Schedule

  • Wednesday – 9:30 Class is Cancelled
  • Thursday – 9:30 & 10:30 Class Only
  • Friday – No Regular Classes…11:00 to 2:00 Open Gym

Workout of the Day

  • Front Squat: 3-3-3-3-3
  • 3 Rounds
    • 20 Wall Ball (20/14 lbs)
    • 20 Grass Hoppers
    • Buy-in = 500m Row

Dani working through Friday’s overhead walking lunges.


Chance with a strong kip on his bar muscle-ups


Heather getting deep into her ring dip.


Kelly showing great balance through her pistol squats.

Saturday 9:30

The Timmy’s and Saturday’s 9:30 class.


Colin standing tall at the top of his box jumps


Rachie getting set for her power clean.





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Turkey Turkey Trot Trot

We’re a little less then a week away from Thanksgiving and Southbury’s annual 5k Turkey Trot. For anyone who’s a little late to getting to it, or for anyone that’s still trying to decide if they want to do it, don’t worry – it’s not to late sign-up. As of Friday morning there are still a little more then 100 spots left until the race hits its cap. So far it’s looking like we’re going to catch a break on the weather and although it will be a bit cooler it shouldn’t be the freezing cold that we’ve been dealing with over this past week. We’ll be running a modified class schedule for the day with two classes at 9:30 and 10:30. The race starts at 8:30 and in the past people have been able to make it to Strongtown for the 9:30 class if they’re diligent about getting themselves out of there after their done. Otherwise there’s the 10:30 class for anyone who wants / needs more time between the two.

11/27/14 – 5k Southbury Turkey Trot Registration

Workout of the Day

  • Skill Work: Kipping / Muscle-Ups / Pistol Squats
  • 12 Minute AMRAP:
    • 2 Muscle-ups
    • 8 Pistol Squats
    • 16 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25 lbs)

Carl looking focused during his farmer walks.


BVN showing solid form on his rear neck split jerk.


Missy with a strong lockout overhead.


Bonnie going with a push jerk instead of a split.

Strongtown 6pm

The 6pm class working through their 3 rounds.



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Let there be Light

First of – GereLu would like to thank everyone for her birthday wishes! She vicariously lives on social media through Sarah and loved seeing everyones comments!

Now I’m sure everyone has noticed that the gym has been gradually getting darker over the years – more so recently though. I’m not an electrician so I can only assume there is an ebola like virus working its way through the electrical system, leaving half flickering shells of the lights that used to be in its path. The lounge bathroom has been in critical condition for entirely way to long now.

Next Wednesday we’re scheduled to have all the lights (including the creepy bathroom) replaced. This should only take a few hours for the Contractor to do the work. In order to help them get in and out as soon as possible we’re going to be canceling next Wednesday’s 9:30 class – sorry guys. They’re starting early in the morning so assuming all goes well they should be done by 11:00 / 11:30 and we’ll pick things up again at noon.

Workout of the Day

  • Rear Neck Split Jerks: 1-1-1-1-1
  • 3 Rounds
    • 300m Row
    • 30′ Farmer Walk x 7
    • 15 Burpees
      • 12 Minute Cap 
      • Rx1 = 16/12 kg
      • Rx2 = 24/16 kg
      • Rx3 = 32/24 kg

Bernie – the other half of the Gallagher parent duo, looking good. 


Andrea showing great form on her squats.

Russian Swings

Heather, David, Tony and Chance all at the top of their swings.

Strongtown 6pm

Down the line with the 6pm class.



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It’s her Birthday


She shows up every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 8:50 for the 9:30 class. She holds the title of official gym greeter and top overall athlete in the Masters 70+ category. She’s been a part of Strongtown for a little more then a year now but she’s been a part of myself and Mikey’s lives since day 1, and today is her birthday! If anyone deserves a special birthday shoutout on the blog it’s her. Mom from both your boys (+1 Sarah) we couldn’t be more proud of you. Happy birthday GereLu! Keep up the amazing work and thank you for putting up with all our crap throughout the years.

Workout of the Day

  • Back Squat: 2-2-2-2-2
  • Tabata: 30 seconds work / 15 seconds rest
    • Wall Ball (20/14 lbs)
    • Russian KB Swings 
      • Score = Total Reps, Alternate between movements
      • Rx1 = 16/12 kg
      • Rx2 = 24/16 kg
      • Rx3 = 32/24 kg

Welcome Meagan to Strongtown!


Marko showing good form on his deadlifts.


David showing a solid lockout during his DB snatch.


Sophia with a strong pull.

Strongtown 6pm

Timmy and the 6pm class working through their ascending ladder.



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Rx Standards

After yesterday’s chipper today is a good time to review what doing a workout as prescribed or ‘Rx’ actually means. For some people this is going to be a bit mundane but with amount of new people coming through our doors this time of year it never hurts to review. For all intents and purposes, doing a workout ‘Rx’ means that all of the prescribed weights AND movement standards were met for the workout. It is not just whatever weights may be listed on the board. Take yesterday’s workout for example, it had handstand push-ups, toes to bar, and kettlebell swings along with a whole bunch of other equally glorious movements.  In order for the workout to be done as Rx it would mean using the appropriate weight kettlebell, as well as doing full toes to bar and handstand push-ups all the way down to the floor or to 1 abmat with 35# plates under your hands.  If the workout was done with the Rx weight KB and the handstand push-ups were modded there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just wouldn’t be considered Rx. I know it’s annoying but it helps show us what we need to work on and work towards.

Workout of the Day

  • Deadlift: 5-5-5-5-5
  • 8 Minute Ascending Ladder (+4)
    • 4-8-12-16-20-24-28
    • DB Snatch
    • Hand Release Push-ups
      • No Rx Weight 
Strongtown 9:30

Dani, Sir Ian, Sissy & Missy (happy belated) starting their chipper.

Jimmy & Barry

Jimmy & Barry during their 3 rope climbs.


Tots showing off the warrior pony tail during her box jumps.

Strongtown 6pm

Patty, Annette & Matty cheering on 6pm’s 2nd heat.


Cheryl working through her kettlebell swings.


Tony doing a nice job of pulling back behind the bar during his t2b.



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Before Saturday the world record clean & jerk in the 105 kilo (231 lbs) weight class was 238 kilograms…or a very respectable 523.6 pounds.  They say when it rains it pours and Saturday the record was broken not just once but 3 times by 3 different lifters! By the end of the day the 238 had gone to 239, then 240…and finally Ilyia Ilyin with 242 kilos / 532.4 pounds! What makes this lift so impressive, outside of the metric shit ton worth of weight on the bar, is that Ilyia missed his 2nd attempt at 239. He had a choice to try 239 again for his 3rd and final attempt which would have been good enough for 2nd place, or make the jump to 242 to tie the event total, set new WR and win by virtue of being the lighter lifter. On top of making the bigger jump in weight it also looks like his timing was a bit off on the jerk, for him to make the lift was beyond impressive.

Workout of the Day

  • 33 – Down & Up Chipper (20 minute cap)
    • 11 Handstand Push-ups
    • 17 Box Jumps (30/24″)
    • 11 Toes to Bar
    • 17 Kettlebell Swings
    • 11 Burpees (No Arms)
    • 17 Sit-ups
    • 33 Double Unders
    • 3 Rope Climbs
      • After the 3 rope climbs go back to the 33 Double Unders and work back up the list
      • Rx1 = 16/12 kg & 24/20″
      • Rx2 = 24/16 kg
      • Rx3 = 32/24 kg
Strongtown 9:30

Friday’s 9:30 class working during their wall-ball & sit-up couplet.


The Maeve showing a strong lock-out on her dumbbell strict press.


Sophia showing some impressive elbow flexibility during her power cleans.

Sir Ian

Sir Ian getting setup for his lift


Jordan making easy work of Saturday’s pull-ups

Coach Mikey

Coach Mikey showing a solid power receiving position.





*We will not actually be doing no arm burpees – don’t panic.

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