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Box Jumps & Shins

I wanted to take a minute and talk about box jumps, and particularly missing box jumps. Missing the box is never fun and I’m sad to say that it’s probably one of the more common mishaps in the CrossFit community. It’s easy to try and keep pushing and loose focus for a quick second as we’re trying to finish our final few reps. While I still haven’t seen a box that is shin friendly there are a couple  of solutions that people can use if they’re nervous about jumping.

The first and most obvious one was eloquently put ‘just don’t miss the box‘ by one of the 6am crew – take your time and focus on each rep. Now that we’ve gotten that one out of the way we can move on. Shin guards are completely fine to use, you can either get guards that strap on or act as an insert so you can put them into your high socks (assuming you wear high socks). There are also companies that make neoprene sleeves that have a bit more protection then regular socks such as 2Pood’s Rope Gator and Rocktape’s Shin Skins. I’m sure there are other similar products out there that I’m not aware of but from what I’ve seen the Rope Gator probably has more protection out of the two options. Similarly I’ve also heard of people making their own sleeves by cutting up old wet-suits, which I imagine might be more popular outside of the New England area. Even just wearing regular high socks and inserting another sock in front of your shin to give you a bit more protection can help.

Rick (welcome) getting thighs, chest, and forehead to the deck on his push-ups.

For those who were asking why we would put such a high pull-up bar.

Michelle standing tall during her box jumps.

Jenelle showing great full-extension / open-hips at the top of her squats.


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